12 June 2012 – Hilton head

Dad took a walk on the beach.  Then he woke up Erin and me and we ate lunch.  Dad and I had bocca burgers and Erin had a regular hamburger.

Next I went zip lining at Broad Creek Marina.  It was insanely close to where we went kayaking the other day.  This was my first time zip lining and I’d been excited about it ever since I found out there was a zip line course at Hilton Head.  There were 5 other people in my group and 2 instructors.  I soon found out that I was the only traveler in the group, and everyone else lived here.  After we got our gear on, the instructors gave a lesson about how to do it.  After that, we started the actual course.  The first few were simple so that you could get used to zip lining for people like me who’d never done it before.  The ropes started getting longer as time went on.  At some point it started raining, but they still go on when it rains.  It actually makes you go faster.  At some point we heard some thunder so we had to wait for the storm to pass.  We didnt have to go down though.  The course was pretty intricate because it had towers, which were basically like regular stairs in a building but without the walls.  There was also a spiral staircase, 2 suspended bridges, and another bridge.  These were spread out in the course.  We just waited in one of the towers for the rain to pass.  Then we went back up and did the last 4 lines or so. The 2nd to last one was the longest and fastest line and it was my favorite.  The male instructor had announced before that it was his favorite too.  They are thinking about adding a racing zip line course, rock climbing, and a few other things.

While I was zip lining, Dad went to a fruit/produce stand that our kayak guide had told us about.  It was closed though.  He also went to the grocery store to pick up food, and a dug store.

While I was zip lining and Dad was out, Erin stayed at the condo and went bike riding on the beach some.  Dad and I have still yet to do it.

After Dad and I got back to the condo, Erin and I went to play mini golf.  There was actually a place very close to our condo, so we rode our bikes to it.  Dad rode with us to pay and left.  They had 2 courses there, I won the first and Erin won the 2nd.  Then we played in the arcade afterwards. We did air hockey, racing, basketball throwing, pacman, etc.  We rode our bikes back to the condo.

For dinner we had chicken thighs, mashed potatoes with gravy, and vegetables.  Then we played sequence.  After that  Erin and I made brownies.  We had some and went to bed.

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