14 June 2012 – Hilton Head

Dad woke Erin and me up at 9 a.m..  We had breakfast which consisted of toast with cut up apples and peaches.  Then we got ready for our outing to the Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge.  We packed some lunch items, water, binoculars and cameras.

The wildlife refuge is on an island between Hilton Head and the mainland.  It is only about 10 minutes from the condo.  When we got there, we drove to the parking lot.  It is in a nice pine forest, so there is plenty of shade.

There were lots of trails to bike on and walk.  We decided ahead of time that we would mostly bike since we walked a lot at Sea Pines Forest Preserve yesterday, and since biking would allow us to cover more of the refuge.  We saw marshes with birds on them.  [Mostly we saw white ibises, but we saw one group of wood storks, also. — rh] The binoculars we brought definitely came in handy.  Erin and Dad were saying what kinds they were and stuff, but I didn’t really care that much.  They looked nice though along with the landscape.  Then we got to the main attraction here – Ibis Pond.  The pond had an island in the middle of it with a lot of birds on it.  In another area close by, we saw some flowers and I took a few pictures.  We biked around more on some side trails.

We took a path to Shell Point.  The ground was a little softer, so the biking was a little harder.  We stopped occasionally for a break, but the mosquitoes prevented the breaks from being very long.  The path lead to a nice view of a couple of marsh area, but that’s about all.  Dad and I had a nice exhilarating ride on parts of the trail, but Erin started not feeling well.

From there, we went back to the main trail, then back to the car.  We figured we’d get water, have lunch, and enjoy a little break.  After a while I realized that since Erin wasn’t feeling well, we’d probably go back to the condo after lunch.  At the car, Erin’s stomach hurt and she was feeling dizzy.  We went back to the condo for her to rest and get better.

I had lunch at the condo, and then left to meet my friend Melissa that also came here with her family.  She took me to the place she is staying  (Harbor Point).  As planned, she took lots of pictures of me on her film camera.  First we started in the woods, then we moved to places around her condo.  Then we went back to her condo.  Next I went with Melissa and her mom for a walk around the harbor that’s right by their condo.  We also went in a few shops on the way back.  Soon afterwards Melissa took me back to my condo.

While I was with my friend, Erin and Dad went to the Bluffton Farmer’s Market and got some fresh shrimp and a tomato.  They said the market was very interesting.  In addition to the usual assortment of fresh vegetables, there were lots of unusual fresh breads, fresh flavored pastas, jams/jellies/salsas, etc.  There were also lots of prepared foods like empanadas, crepes, smoked pork, and on and on.  The town of Bluffton reminded them of Leipers Fork back home.  After they got back, Dad went to the beach for a long walk.  Erin was in the condo when I got back.  She was feeling much better.

For dinner we made pasta with the shrimp and it had a garlic lemon butter sauce.  We also had some french bread.  We all pitched in to make the meal.  Erin sliced the bread and was in charge of sautéing the shrimp.  I was in charge of the garlic and a few other small jobs.  Dad peeled and deveined the shrimp and made the sauce.

Afterward, we played Mario Karts gamecube.

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