15 June 2012 – Hilton Head

Dad woke Erin and me up around 9.  We had toast for breakfast.  Around 10 we went to the beach.  Erin and I took a walk while she looked for more seashells.  She only  found 1 though.  We all went back to the condo.

Next we went to eat lunch at Dye’s Gullah Fixin’s.  It was a buffet style restaurant where reservations are required because they want to know exactly how many people are showing up.  It had good fried chicken, as the reviews said.  The food was good, but nothing spectacular.  After that we went to a gift shop so that I could get the shot glass I still needed.  I found a decent one.  It wasn’t my favorite kind that has a lot of tourist attractions on it, but it would do.  Dad and I also got a t shirt for Derek.  Erin got a sand dragon thing as a souvenir.  We headed back to the condo.

After resting for a while, we went back to the beach.  Erin and I did some body surfing with the boogie boards.  I was able to go pretty far a good number of times.  After a good while, she had to go back to the room to check something.  I did more boogie boarding with Dad.  The current going in had gotten stronger and so had the current going to the right.  Boogie boarding was fun, but eventually we gave into the currents.  We also had problems with our stuff sitting on the beach in all this time.  While I was boogie boarding with Erin, Dad took pictures of us several times.  He had to move our towels and stuff up because the tide was coming in.  After Erin left, and Dad and I were boogie boarding, people on the beach moved our stuff up for us once.  Still, when he went back to check on our stuff, it was wet.  He had to move it up a lot.  When we gave into the tides, Dad and I carried the stuff back up to the room.  The 3 towels were wet with sand, and the beach umbrella broke from a big wind.  Dad’s waterproof camera bag wasn’t zipped all the way, so a little water got in it, but thankfully no harm was done. When we got back to the room, we took care of the stuff and rinsed the sand off of ourselves.

We had dinner at the condo, trying to get rid of some of the food so we wouldn’t have to take as much back.  We had quesadillas using the leftover taco meat.  We made some mac and cheese from the box.  Dad made a cucumber and tomato salad.  We also tried a new experiment of making fried plantains.  We just melted some butter in a skillet and cooked the plantain slices.  After they were mostly cooked, Dad smashed them.  We added cinnamon and sugar.  They were alright, but a little dry in the middle.

Dad cleaned up after supper and started packing up the kitchen stuff we brought.  Erin and Teagan watched Monsters, Inc.





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