13 July 2012 – Utah

We got up this morning around 7:30 and packed up to leave the hotel.  We checked out and got breakfast at Burger King just down the street.  We were tired of eating the same hotel food.  We headed to Dead Horse State Park and the first thing we did was go to Dead Horse Point.  From here we saw one of the famous bends in the Colorado River.  We took lots of pictures and walked around a good amount.  We felt like we could take or leave doing the hiking trails so we just drove back to the visitors center.  It was much more interesting than we thought it would be, it even had paintings of the scenery on the bottom floor, some of which looked more realistic than others.  I bought a small book that had pictures from national parks, monuments, etc. in the Grand Circle.  Next we took a nature trail around the visitor center that was short and decently interesting.  The views around the visitors center, off the mesa we stood on, were great.  Around 11:30, we decided we were done and took off for Salt Lake City.

We stopped at the same Blimpees in the town of Green River, that we stopped at coming into Moab.  Afterwards, I drove the car for a while, then Dad did it the rest of the way.  We got to SLC around 5:30 and took our luggage in the room.  We are staying in a Hampton Inn so I knew it would be nicer and bigger than the Sleep in we were at in Moab.  This is a big Hampton Inn though, since it is downtown, so the breakfast area looked a lot bigger than I was expecting.  I’m glad we didn’t have to park in a parking garage like we did in downtown New Orleans.  The window in our room looks towards the rest of downtown.

Around 6:40 we left to go to The Gateway, a mall close to our hotel.  Across the intersection from our hotel, is Pioneer Park.  Apparently a lot of homeless people live there because we saw them with their backpacks and blankets.  The Gateway was an outdoor mall, which I knew beforehand, and it was 2 levels.  It was pretty windy, which I’d seen from inside the hotel room.  At some point it started drizzling.  It was very light though so it wasn’t a problem.  We came across The Walking Company store, which had lots of walking shoes in it that were pricey.  We talked to a worker and apparently they can calculate the areas of your feet that you put more weight on, and give you more cushion in those areas.  They are sort of personally designing the shoe sole for you.  They did it for Dad to try it out, and it was interesting.  We continued on, as I looked in more stores.  Wet Seal, one of the clothing stores I like in the Franklin mall, was bigger here in The Gateway.  There were a few different clothing stores I’d never heard of that had some interesting clothes in them.  There were certainly a lot of restaurants in the mall, besides the food court for fast food.  The mall had an “Olympic Legacy Plaza” with a fountain sort of thing with water randomly coming up, and kids were playing in it.

For dinner we went to one of the restaurants in the mall, Z’Tejas, that my friend Chase recommended.  He said they had good cornbread.  We ordered our entrees and the waitress went off.  Right as we were about to ask about the cornbread, she brought it to us.  It was moist, fluffy, creamy, and had a lot of corn flavor to it.  Even though Dad and I like completely different types of cornbread, we both liked this.  For the entree I got Wild Mushroom Enchiladas, and Dad got Santa Fe Smoked Chicken Enchilada.  They were both very good.  We both saved some cornbread for after we ate our entrees. Save the best for the last.  Then we walked back to the hotel for the night.

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