15 July 2012 – Utah

We woke up at 8, ate breakfast, and went to the Red Butte Garden.  It is a botanical garden on the edge of the University of Utah campus.  It was a lot bigger than all the other botanical gardens I’ve been to, and all of the garden part was outside with no glass around it.  They had an herb garden, fragrance garden, rose garden, and various other things mixed in.  The Wasatch Mountains were pretty close to us, and they made a nice background for a picture providing the sky didn’t overexpose them.  As well as the garden, with the plants and flowers, they had hiking trails on the mountains you could do.  We didn’t really have time for them though, so we just did a small part of one of the trails and went back inside.  Inside they had photographs of different places in Utah.  A lot of them were from Zion National Park.

My camera battery was running low, so we went back to the hotel to get a spare battery.

Then we went to the Natural History Museum.  It is right next to Red Butte Garden, and on the University campus as well.  We ate lunch here and looked at a lot of their exhibits.  They had a lot of dinosaur bones and a good number of fossils.  I’m usually not a big fan of fossils, but the ones here looked a lot cooler to me.  The dinosaurs were pretty interesting as well and I liked it.  After a while though, I got kind of sick of it.  They also had sections on the Great Salt Lake, the first people of Utah (Indians), Colorado Plateau, gems, biology of Utah, and various other things.  I got a little frustrated on the colorado plateau info.  As much as I like the national parks and red rock of southern Utah, I’ve never really understood how the rock formed.  Overall I liked the museum, and Dad thought it was excellent.

We went back to the hotel for a short amount of time, and then decided to go to the Red Iguana restaurant.  It is known for its mole sauce.  They gave us chips and salsa before our entrees came out.  The salsa was very unique and had a different taste than all the other mexican restaurants we’ve been to.  For the entrees, Dad and I both got mole dishes.  He got Negro Mole, and I got Poblano Mole.  All the food was very good.  We drove back to the hotel for the night.

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