Trip to Grand Cayman May 2014

Here is a very brief summary of our trip to Grand Cayman in May 2014.

  • Saturday, May 10
    Derek and Jenni flew out of Lexington while Linda, Teagan, and Richard flew out of Nashville.  We met in Charlotte, NC for our connecting flight.  We flew together to Grand Cayman and arrived around 11:30 am.  We rented a van from Hertz and headed to The Anchorage where we had a 3-bedroom condo.  We unpacked, played on the beach, and made a quick grocery trip.  Derek, Jenni and Teagan snorkeled in front of the condo, the water was a little stirred up.  Later Linda went out and saw a 18 inch turtle.
  • Sunday, May 11
    We walked from the condo to Cemetery Beach in the morning and snorkeled.  That afternoon, Teagan, Jenni, and Linda floated/snorkeled in front of the condo while Derek and Richard played beach frisbee.
  • Monday, May 12
    Since we didn’t all get to snorkel yesterday, we did Cemetery Beach again this morning.  Afterward, we headed to George Town and ate lunch at Paradise Bar and Grill.  Then Teagan and Linda used the ladder at Paradise to snorkel out to Eden Rock.  A little later, Derek and Jenni entered to snorkel along the rocky shore.  Richard didn’t feel like getting in the water, so I just explored the shore.  Everyone exited using the ladder at Eden Rock Dive Shop.  Then we headed back to the condo.
  • Tuesday, May 13
    In the morning, Teagan, Jenni, and Derek worked on building a sand castle.  Afterwards, we played in and out of the water throwing the frisbee.  Then Derek, Jenni and Teagan played monkey-in-the-middle with a beach ball.  Linda snorkeled in front of the condo.  Around mid-afternoon we all headed to Rum Point.  Along the way, we stopped at a few places in Bodden Town, then Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture garden on the Queen’s Highway.  When we arrived at Rum Point, the food options had shut down, but the gift shop and the bar were still open.  After exploring Rum Point and taking pictures, we stopped at Over the Edge Cafe on the North Side to eat supper at sunset.
  • Wednesday, May 14
    In the morning, we all snorkeled in front of the condo.  Derek found a flounder, Linda found a Lionfish, and we all saw lots of the usual critters in the clear water.  Then we took Derek to the airport so he could return to work the next day.  On the way back from the airport, Linda, Jenni, and Teagan went shopping in George Town while Richard held down a barstool in Paradise Bar.  After we returned to the condo, Linda walked along the beach toward Governor’s Beach and went snorkeling.  She saw lots of cool stuff including a school of squid and a king helmet.
  • Thursday, May 15
    Linda, Teagan, Jenni and Richard headed to Smith’s Cove to snorkel there.  Unfortunately, the surf was not cooperating and had the water churned up.  The visibility was not good.  After unsuccessfully trying to find an interesting area, we gave up and headed to Governor’s Beach to check out the reef there.  The water was very clear, similar to yesterday’s snorkel in front of the condo.  After lunch at the condo, Teagan and Richard were dropped off at the airport.  We went back so Teagan could finish moving out of her Murfreesboro apartment and get moved into her Jackson house for her internship.  Thursday evening Jenni checked out Calico Jack’s while Linda investigated dismal travel options in the likely event of Richard and Teagan missing their Miami connection due to the late arrival of their first flight.  Fortunately they managed the near impossible and made their Nashville connection.
  • Friday, May 16
    Jenni and Linda snorkeled from 8:15 to 10:30 in front of the condo. Jenni spotted a sting ray and a turtle which looked a lot like the one Linda saw on Saturday.  The wind and sea was calm but there was a bit of scum in the water so the visibility was not perfect.  Jenni got dropped off at the airport noonish, then Linda did the final packing, turned the van into Hertz and had “fun” with checked bags in Miami with a short layover.———————————————————–

    This trip no morays or sharks were spotted and the lobster were very scarce but the tropicals were in full force and the squid outdid themselves on Weds evening.