Friday, 11 Dec 2015

Richard and Teagan decided to drive around the whole island since we havent done that since our first trip here. We stopped at the lighthouse in Breakers (just east of Bodden Town). There was an art shop next to it, which we’d seen on our trips before but don’t think we’d been in. We went in and looked at her art. Her name is Ren, and she had a unique style. After that we drove around the island along the water, and got to Rum Point. We stopped at a park/playground in Cayman Kai, and saw another iguana on the road. Being tourists, we stopped and got out of the car to take pictures. At Rum Point Teagan got conch chowder and conch fritters. The conch fritters looked/tasted like falafels with conch flavor. She got a Rum Runner to drink. Last trip she thinks she got a Blue Iguana. Richard got a jerk chicken wrap with beans and rice. We looked in the gift shop but didn’t buy anything. We left Rum point to go see the house with the concrete sculpture garden. He had an octopus under construction, which was nice to see there. He also had Rabbits which I don’t remember seeing last trip, along with a hook coming out of a fish. After that we went to see the blow holes again on the south side of the island. They were harder to find this time, than the first time we saw it. We eventually found it and took some pictures. We headed back to the condo, stopping at Tortuga for more beer and rum.

Linda stayed at the condo and snorkeled to cementary reef and back. She was in the water for 2 ½ hours. Conditions were pretty good, but not as good as Governor’s Reef.

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