Monday, 14 Dec 2015

Teagan and Dad get picked up around 9:10 and go to the boat. It’s a nice boat with an inside, front and top for seating. Mario was Captain and Duane was First Mate. The first stop is starfish point, a little south of Rum Point. I piked up a few starfish, which I’ve never done before. So did dad. Mario gave some info about them and we walked around. Next, we went to Stingray City. It wasn’t like last time where we snorkeled. This time we were just in waist deep water. Mario and Duane would gave some info about them. Mario had the stingray rub against my back once I took my rashguard off. They were going to have ppl hold the stingray and kiss it for pics. They picked me as the first person in the group. It was a little weird but not as bad as I thought. They proceeded to take pics of everybody with the stingray. Dad got out of it when they called “single men” as he’s not single ha. Dad got pics of the stingrays underwater while they were taking pics, and I looked with my snorkel and mask some too. Then they gave us squid to feed them. After that we went to a snorkeling spot, Coral Gardens. There are 4 spots in Coral Gardens and the one we went to was Secret Garden. Dad says the one we went to the last time to Stingray City was one of the other 3. It was good, but small. We saw a lot of file fish and puffer fish. Dad saw a stingray with the black fish we see them with a lot. There was a lot of soft coral. On the boat they offered us pizza twice, and coke once. We headed back into shore. Duane had me steer the boat a couple times. They droped us off at the condo.

Mom is in the room when we get back. Mom goes out to the beach with her boat to float around. Me and Dad have lunch. I went out to lay on the beach and get tan, both back and front. Me and Mom come back around the same time. After I shower, we all go to Georgetown together to shop. I get a t shirt.

We stop for Caybrew beer on the way back to the condo. We eat leftovers for dinner.

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