Saturday, 12 Dec 2015

We went snorkeling at Cemetary Reef, left the apt around 10am. Got in the water around 10:30. Dad took pics of me and Mom getting in the water, then got in after us. The visability was very good, The surface of water was very windy going towards the shore. That’s what made it good to be on this side of the island though. They took a good amount of underwater pictures. Mom saw a flamingo tongue on a fan. There were a lot of reefs close to each other with small sandy batches in between them. Dad got out of the water about noon. Me and Mom got out of the water about an hour after Dad got out. We head back to the condo to shower.

We go for a late lunch to Champion House. It was hard to find. We ordered stuffed plantains as an appetizer, stuffed with turtle. I got turtle steak with some sides. Mom got Cayman style shrimp that had a spicy/sweet tomato sauce. Dad got black bean soup and vegetable somosas. Both me and Mom tried breadfruit, which just tasted potatoey. I also tried green bananas which were just bland tasting. Service was slow, but the food was great.

We stop at Kirk’s Market since it’s close by, and also Chicken Chicken. Headed back to condo for the night.

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