Sunday, 13 Dec 2015

We went to Devils Grotto/Eden Rock. Me and Mom looked at shirts in the dive shop briefly before we got in the water. At some point me and Mom separated from dad, and moved north towards Eden Rock it got deeper. Dad saw and joined us. We went back to Devil’s Grotto as the reef was closer to the surface. We saw schools of a few fish including blue angels. We saw a leopard eagle ray. I spotted a sea turtle at the end of the dive. Mom went back to but me and dad stayed out long enough for it to come to the surface to breathe. It was so close to Dad and his camera! On the way out I saw a barracudda I think.

After the snorkel, we went to Paradise Grill since we did it on a trip before when I got the Turtle Burger. This time Dad got Conch Salad, I got some kina snapper fish fillet with sides, and Mom got a fish wrap that was too salty, along with rice and beans.

We stopped at Kirks Market on the way back to the condo to get supplies. We went back to the condo, ate our chicken from Chicken Chicken which we had bought the day before but not eaten. Ate that and other leftovers. Me and Dad played cards.

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