Thursday, 17 Dec 2015

Mom went to work at the Miami SAP office around 6:30. Dad wakes me up later and there is confussion in the hotel with Mom always calling/texting different times to meet up to drive to the airport.

After a while, Dad and I check out of the hotel, leave our bags there, and walk around the streets. We look at the Art Deco style. Soon Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive. Dad pays $5 each for us to look at their small museum. It goes into a lot of detail about the different stages of Art Deco as far as time periods. Some furniture in there was interesting too. There were also things we didn’t care about like things from the era in general that didn’t have to do with the architecture. After the museum we go next door to the gift shop and buy a map that showed different Art Deco buildings in the area. Next we go on the beach. Dad goes to the water to take some pictures. I didn’t want to get sand in my shoes, so I stayed on the firmer part of the beach. We return to looking at buildings. For lunch we stop at an Italian Deli and get iced coffee drinks too. It was so hot that every time we stepped inside was good, esp a cold drink. My sandwich had prociutto, tomato, mozzarella, and pesto. Dad’s had tomato, mozzarella, basil. We return to walking ocean drive, switch to collins avenue. We stop in the cool looking Walgreens for the 2nd time, and a gift shop where dad got a baby shirt for Derek and Jenni’s coming baby.

We meet Mom at the hotel and go to the airport. We get snacks before the flight. I had a spinach empanada, and guava and cheese pastrie. Dad got 2 empanadas. When we walk out of the Nashville airport, the 39 degree temperature feels like relief. It was way too hot in Miami that day, 84 degrees, which is not winter

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