Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015

It looked a little windy outside the condo, and that side of the island in general. Dad thought the winds were coming from the southeast, so would be better to snorkel on the north side of the island. All of us left the condo, stopped at Eden Rock since Mom wanted to buy a shirt for Derek. Right after we left Eden Rock and headed for Rum Point, a bird was in our lane on the road. Mom had to come to a complete stop, and it took a while for the bird to move out of the way. It was white, blending in with the surroundings, and took a while for it to get out of the road. Someone in oncoming traffic stopped, seeing our situation, and gave us a “what the heck” gesture lol.

Headed toward Rum point. We stopped at a picnic area by Northside Cemetary and there seemed to be strong winds from east. We went down the road and stopped at Cayman Kai Public Beach where winds seemed to come from the northeast. Then we went to the Public Beach at the end of Cayman Kai.

Finally we go to Starfish Point where me and Dad went the other day. We’d never been there by land before, so this was a different drive. We snorkeled for 45 mins. It was grass beds with a few sand only areas. There were a lot of starfish of course. I saw lots of small fish and a few big ones, Dad saw a stingray, and Mom saw a barracuda, lots of anemones (brown ones, white ones with purple tips).

After that, we went to Rum Point and snorkeled on the west side of the dock where it looked calmer. At first just me and Dad went in, Mom joined later. It was more of mostly grass beds with a few sand areas. There was lots of sargasm in the water. Eventually it got stuck in my hair. I saw some kid of ray before Mom got in, singray or not idk. We saw lots of dead conch shells, a few small fish. File fish. Me and Mom saw ray/stingray with a super short tail. Mom saw the circular urchin skeletons. Dad got my hopes up saying he saw a squid, but it was just a school of medium size fish. The current took us west, so we had to swim back east to Rum Point to get out. We changed clothes. Right before we left me and dad got a basket of fries. I also got an Electric Margarita, basically a margarita with blue curacao added.

Back at the condo, we ate pizza for dinner and started packing.

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