Wednesday, 16 Dec 2015

We packed most of our stuff in the condo. Around 11:00 I went on the beach to tan, Mom came shortly after. We did that for 30-40 mins. After that we went snorkeling behind the condo. Mom spotted a group of squid on the way in, which was nice to see.

We go back to the condo to shower and finish packing. I ate some leftover food. We go to the airport. Dad buys scotch as a Christmas present to Derek. I pick out Sangsters Banana Rum Cream. We landed in Miami around 8pm. It was after 9 when we got to our hotel, because passport and customs took awhile and getting to the rental car.

The hotel was in South Beach and was very nice. Luwis, the person that carried our luggage for us, offered Dad a chardonnay, but I couldn’t tell because of his accent. Few minutes latter he gave a glass to all of us. He was very hesitant about giving me mine. Me and Dad wanted to have a mojito because it is Miami. Dad asked Lewis for a restaurant recommendation. He recommended Hevanna 1957, a cuban restaurant with good mojitos. It was only a few blocks away, so me and Dad walked to it. We left the hotel a little before 10 and Mom stayed in the hotel.

The walk to Hevanna 1957 was pretty nice. The Art Deco style was around on the buildings, and dad pointed out features of it. We got outdoor seating at the restaurant. Dad got a classic mojito, and I got the South Beach mojito which has a lime rum in it instead of regular. That’s the only difference between the 2. I tasted dads and we both decided we liked mine a little better. Dad got the restaurants specialty dish which was chicken w/ gravy, a salad, plantains, and black bean soup. I got a dish the waiter also recommended Lechon Asado, which was pork leg w/ onions, yucca, and rice and beans. Both dishes were a lot of food and we didn’t finish. Dad ate more of his meal than I did. We get to go boxes and walk down the side street that the restaurant is on, taking pictures. The street was a lot of restaurants and a few small stores. We walk back to the hotel a different way to see a new area.

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