Colorado Saturday 3 June 2017

Mom, Dad, and I flew to Denver this morning from Nashville. Derek, Jenni, and Eleanor flew there from Louisville. Ruth gave them a ride there. Both flights arrived early and Louisville flight arrived only a few mins after us. We met them outside their gate, picked up our luggage and went to Hertz to get our 2 cars. We rented a Nissan Quest minivan and a Toyota Camry. When Mom added all of us to vehicles and I filled out my paperwork, I found out that my license expired when I turned 25. So I can’t drive this trip, but oh well.

We drove from the airport to The Bagel Delicatessan (or The Bagel Deli & Restaurant) in Denver that was on the way. I navigated for Derek and Jenni in the minivan. I found it from the Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives list online. It’s a Jewish Deli and everyone liked it. Mom and I shared a corned beef sandwich and I got a potato knish. Dad did too along with chicken noodle soup (Derek and Jenni did too). Eleanor ate fries. Derek got a bagel with strawberry cream cheese which was really good. Jenni got some kind of sandwich. After the meal we bought other stuff from the deli including 7 bagels of various types, chicken noodle soup with motza balls, Jewish rye bread, and Plain Kichel.

From there we drove to Colorado Springs. I again rode with Derek and Jenni. We looked around the house and moved the luggage to our bedrooms. Soon enough, Dad, Jenni, and I hiked around Pulpit Rock open area, which is in the backyard of our house. We should’ve walked down the street first but didn’t. We went on a trail in the backyard, but there were a good number of parts where there wasn’t really a trail at all. On the bright side we got to see lots of wildflowers. Eventually we met up with the main trail. We did a good amount of the main loop, but took 2 shortcuts. One was intentional and one was accidental. It was a good hike with a lot of varied terrain. There was good views from Pulpit Rock.

When we got back to the house Derek, Mom, and Eleanor had gone to a few grocery stores to get supplies. Derek and Jenni fed Eleanor yogurt (yowi) and took her to bed. For dinner Dad cooked some broccoli and also a mix of small potatoes, onion and bell pepper. I chopped all of it and he cooked it. Derek also ate some soup from the deli since he’s still sick and he also had some tea.

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