Colorado Monday 5 June 2017

We all left the house earlier around 7:20 to drive up Pikes Peak. When we arrived at the toll booth to pay, they gave us some brochures. We stopped a couple times going up but not that much. It’s a 20 mile drive up with great views. Everyone had their ears popping a lot. Mine did too, but probably not as much as everyone else’s. Dad drove at first, then Mom drove the rest of the way. There was the Summit House at the top, which was a gift shop with some food. We took pictures on the observation dock on the right side of summit house. Eleanor kicked around some cigarette butts so apparently some people smoked, despite the elevation. I also walked on the snow on the left of summit house to get some pictures.

Mom drove on the way down and we stopped a lot more at the pullouts to enjoy great views. The visitor center close to the bottom was another gift shop as well. Derek really needed to pee going down so he went in a gatorade bottle lol. We were able to see the Rocky Mountains in the distance going up and down Pikes Peak.

We went to Caves of the Wind to eat at the cafe. Derek wasn’t feeling well and Eleanor needed a nap so they and Jenni went back to the house in one car while my parents and I kept the other car. The cafe there was just ok, and lower quality, not like the Balanced Rock Cafe. After a late lunch Mom and I did the Terror-dactyl while dad watched. The first drop was completely awesome, a great adrenaline rush. I screamed and Mom didn’t. After that it wasn’t very trill seeking. It was still cool to look around of the scenery while we were hanging directly over Williams Canyon.  It was all about the first drop. All 3 of us watched the video of Mom and me afterwards, but didn’t feel the need to buy it.  Besides, Dad took an iPhone video of us.

These 2 girls went after us and one of them only weighed 96 pounds, so she didn’t meet the 100 lb minimum requirement. We let her borrow all 3 of our jackets, which let her be 100.8 lbs so she ride. Dad took a video of them riding it, and eventually sent it to one of them via airdrop.

I took pictures of Williams Canyon and we lounged around while we waited for the Lantern Tour of the Cave to start. The Lantern Tour was very good. You carry a lantern through a dark cave, so it’s a different experience than the usual lit cave tour. The first 200 ft, we bent over at the waist due to the top of the cave being short. The rest was fine and it made it interesting. The tour guide gave a lot of information about the history of the cave including who found it, and his friends and wife. There were a lot of ghost stories that were told about how you can see/hear them sometimes ha. Our guide was a great storyteller and he was pretty entertaining. Mom had a little trouble due to her knees, but she had a trekking pole to help her out.

We headed back to the house for the night and ordered Papa Murphy’s pizza.

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