Colorado Sunday 4 June 2017

Dad and I left first to go to Garden of the Gods. We stopped at the visitor center to get a trail map and see if there was a trail we could do, and what we should do once the rest of the group got there. One of the workers told us to do Central Garden with the group. The Visitor Center is located on the Upper Terrace, which gives a good view of Pikes Peak. We took some pictures in the good morning light and left.

Dad and I left to do a trail, but when we got to the parking lot Derek, Jenni, Eleanor, and Mom had arrived at the Visitor Center and needed the stroller that was in our car, so Dad drove back to meet them. I did the Siamese Twins Trail, an easy 1 mile loop with 150ft elevation. I saw the Siamese Twins monument and took pictures of it and Pikes Peak through the window of it in the great morning light.

At the Visitor Center Derek, Jenni, Eleanor and Mom stood on the upper Terrace and glanced at exhibits before Dad got there.

Derek, Jenni, Eleanor and Mom went to the Central Garden. Mom stayed in the car while the others hiked it, an easy paved trail with Eleanor in the stroller. Dad picked me up from my hike and we went to park for Central Garden. By this time the park had gotten very full and we had to circle around to get a space in the lot. We saw Derek, Jenni, and Eleanor on the hike as they were going out. There was a pretty cool dirt trail Dad and I went on, which was our fav part. Another good view of Pikes Peak and some red rock. I got my first good view of the Manitou Incline there.

When Derek, Jenni, and Eleanor got back from their hike, they went to the Trading Post. Eleanor played with some rocks and flowers. They saw ppl horseback riding on a guided tour. When Dad and I finished Central Garden we met them at the Trading Post and ate lunch. Balanced Rock Cafe is known for bison burgers so a lot of us got one of those. I got a southwest version of it which had a good poblano pepper. Eleanor of course got fries, and the onion rings were pretty good too. Their chips were not. Dad’s veggie wrap were good.

After lunch, Mom, Derek, and Eleanor headed back to the house since Elenor needed a nap. Dad, Jenni, and I took pictures of Balanced Rock as we headed out of the park. We went to Red Rock Canyon Open Space and did a hike. We took Mesa Trail out and Greenlee trail back to the car. We walked about 2.75 miles with 370ft elevation change.

After that we headed back to the house. All of us went to REI for Jenni and Derek to get hiking shoes. My parents payed as early birthday presents for both of them. We went to Sprouts for groceries and had chicken and frozen vegetables for dinner.

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