Colorado Thursday 8 June 2017

Derek, Jenni, Dad and I left at 8:30am to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  We took two cars so we could split up after the zoo if we wanted.  Mom wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home.

We arrived at the zoo at opening time, 9:00am.  After purchasing tickets, we headed to the aerial tram to get an overview of the park.

After that we visited exhibits until 3:00pm.  We went to one of their talks/shows of the snow leopards, which was cool. Eleanor ended up crying during it though.  There was just a little bit of rain later when we were all hungry. We ate at a place in the zoo that wasn’t just your typical zoo food. I got a burger with a pepper on it, and side of vegetables and hummus. Dad got a southwest salad with cornbread crutons. Derek and Jenni got burgers with chips. Eleanor ate pretty good this meal.

Of all the animal exhibits we saw, the giraffes were the most memorable.  We were able to touch, pet and feed the giraffes.  Eleanor was able to feed them and seemed to really enjoy it. Jenni fed them some too. The rest of us took pictures and videos of them. We were able to get close to a lot of animals at this zoo. Overall, they were a lot closer than normal to us, whih was cool.

After the zoo, we went to the Will Rogers Memorial.  We were surprised that it was a six floor building dedicated to Will Rogers’ life.  We’d also seen if from lower when we were at the zoo though. The views from the various parts of the memorial were spectacular. You’d stand in one spot and see completely flat plains, while you look the other way seeing big mountains.

After the memorial, Derek, Jenni and Eleanor went back to the house.  Dad and I stopped at Garden of the Gods Visitor Center to buy souvenirs at the gift shop. I got a shot glass and playing cards.

We returned home and got ready to head to Rasta Pasta in downtown Colorado Springs.  Dad, Jenni, and I ended up getting the same meal, jsut different versions of it, such as spice level and what protein. After a good meal there, we headed back home to finish the day looking at the days’ pictures and playing a few games of ping pong.

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