Colorado Wednesday 7 June 2017

Everyone left to go to Helen Hunt Falls. Dad brought his tripod for taking long exposure pictures. We stayed around the waterfall, both at the bottom and top, for a while. There weren’t that many stairs to the top. We tried to take a family picture at the beginning of the trail, but it was hard to get everyone to sit down and there were too many people passing by.

At the falls, I saw a sign saying there was 1/3 mile trail at the top of the falls. I thought just Dad and I would go on it, but surprisingly everyone hiked it, at their own pace of course. There was a small cascade at the end of the trail that Dad, Jenni and I took long exposure pictures of. We got some family pictures up there as well. We headed back down and looked in the shop they had at the bottom of the falls.

Derek, Jenni, Eleanor, and Mom wanted to get lunch so they parked in the lot for Seven Falls, and went to a restuarant in the Broadmoor called the Golden Bee. Derek had scotch eggs, a hard boiled egg with sausage and a fried breading around it, which was really good. Then they took the shuttle to Seven Falls, and took the tram.

Wanting to beat the rain, Dad and I went straight to Seven Falls after Helen Hunt Falls. We parked in the same lot as the others, but took the shuttle while they ate. The shuttle dropped us off and we bought tickets. There was still a walk to the falls on the paved road. There was a “tram” on the ground that you could pay extra to take to the falls. Dad and I just walked. Each of the seven falls had different names, and we took a few pictures by them. Wanting to train for The Incline though, once I started walking the 200 something stairs, I didn’t stop until I got to the top, other than when I got caught up behind ppl in front of me at the end.

We did the Inspiration Point trail at the top. It was a mile long and seemed to climb the mountain a decent amount. This was good to get my heart rate up as well. We went back and did the Midnight Falls Trail, an easier 1/2 mile trail that was much flatter. We took pictures of this waterfall and just as we were turning around, we saw Jenni coming. We were surprised, since we weren’t expecting to see her. They took a few more pictures but it had just started to rain. Once we got back to Seven Falls going down the stairs, the rain picked up. Jenni and I headed down faster, while Dad took his time taking pictures despite the rain. I took a couple on the way down, since I didn’t stop going up, but only a few because of the rain. I met Derek, Jenni, Eleanor, and Mom under the pavilion at the bottom, while we waited just a few mins for rain to pass.

It stopped but I was afraid it was going to rain more, so I initiated walking back to take the shuttle. We were running back to the car, just as it started to rain harder again. Since we hadn’t had lunch yet, we went to El Super Taco, a local mexican restaurant. It was casual dining and the menu really looked like a legit mexican place. There was some stuff on the menu I didn’t know what it was. Dad and I each got a fish taco and I also got a tostada, while he got a tamale. They had a counter where they had limes and some pretty spicy pepper I took, among other things. You could pick your salsa at the countertop. I was in a rush towards the end of the meal, to make the Olympic Training Center tour, and forgot to take pictures of the food and menu when it came out.

We went to the Olympic Training Center for a tour. It started out with a video of olympic moments. Then we walked around to a few different buildings. There was a high altitude room people train in, which probably would’ve helped us for Pikes Peak. This facility does Men’s Gymnastics, Men’s and Women’s Swimming, Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, etc. They do 10 sports of the 40 or 50 something total olympic sports. Mostly indoor summer sports. They had flags from many countries along the sidewalks outside. Dad got a hat there, as he’s needed a new one the whole trip and these were only $5.

Next we went to Garden of the Gods to watch the Geo-Trekker video they have about geology of how the rocks formed. Not all of it was understandable to me at first but what one of the rangers said the other day gave me a general idea. Dad told me a little more after the video.  We looked around at the exhibits after the video. I learned more about the Utes (Navajo Indians are descendents of them), plants, and geology. We stopped at a Albertsons and Walgreens on the way home. This was my first time in an Albertsons.

After Seven Falls, Derek, Jenni, Eleanor and Mom went back to the house and took naps. Jenni, Eleanor, and Mom went to Sees Candy and Goodwill. This was Jenni’s first time at a Sees Candy and she really liked it. They played with Eleanor using chalk on the sidewalk.

When Dad and I got home, Derek and Jenni were playing ping pong. All of us ate leftovers. I played ping pong again with Derek. Two games and he beat me again of course.

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