Colorado Friday 9 June 2017

Mom went to the doctor. She was afraid she had strep throat, but she didn’t. They said she had allergies and a virus. After Derek and Jenni got back from Manitou Springs, she hung out with Eleanor and Derek at the house. Jenni took a nap.

Derek and Jenni watched Eleanor while Mom went to the doctor. When she got back, Derek and Jenni went the fancy Goodwill Dad and I saw the other day. It had a cafe and separated the name brand stuff. It also had a hiking section. It looked very nice but Jenni didn’t think the selection was any better than another Goodwill. She bought a shirt and skirt.

Derek and Jenni went to Uncle Sam’s Pancake House for lunch. Jenni got all you can eat pancakes and french toast. The pancakes were wonderful, french toast was just ok. Derek got a burger. Eleanor wouldn’t eat a bite of her food before they gave her a french fry. She screamed and she eventually did take a bite after Jenni took her outside. They walked around downtown Manitou Springs. Outside one of the mineral springs, they had some car ride toys that took change. Eleanor rode an airplane for 1 min and drove a car for 1 min. They didn’t make it very far with the heat. They tried to go to an arcade but strollers weren’t allowed. Tried to get ice cream but they were out of the strawberry they wanted, so they went home.

When I got up in the morning, Dad drove me to the Manitou Incline. It is a trail that goes straight up 2,000ft in less than a mile. I took the Barr trail down which is 3 miles. By the time I stretched, took pics from the bottom, etc. it was 8:15 when I actually started the trail. I got to the top at 9:20 so it only took one hour and five mins; less than I thought. It was stairs the whole way, as far as you could see.  It started out not as steep then got steeper. There were a lot of people on this trail. There were only a few ppl on it that looked above 40. For the most part it was a younger crowd.  I did tortoise and the hare with one guy there. I heard another guy say he did the Incline 2 times a week. It was funny cause he’d walk fast ahead of me, then wait for his 2 guy friends to catch up. He didn’t seem to mind, since he does it all the time. Said he respects anyone that does the trail. It didn’t seem like I stopped as often as other people. I did stop sometimes, but only briefly to get water, take a picture, etc. I didn’t stop long enough to let my heart rate go down too much.  People didn’t talk that much to me on the trail, but they were very nice. When I got to the top, I was confused thinking it was the false summit that I missed earlier. That explains why the last few steps seemed steeper than the rest. People were right there saying “congratulations”, “you made it”, etc. I saw the top of Pikes Peak as well as many forest mountain views, and good view of the city. The walk back down was pretty. I stopped and took pictures more than going up.  Saw Red Rock Canyon, Garden of the Gods, the cog railway parking lot, as well as other things. I did the Barr trail faster as I went on. It was not as crowded as the Incline going up.

After Dad dropped me off at the Incline he went to Garden of the Gods and did the Siamese Twins Trail. He got to see it in the good morning light like I did. Then went to Central Garden and walked around the paved trails a lot in the good morning light.

Dad picked me up and tried to solve the problem of my camera sd card not having enough space left on it, when I hadn’t moved over the pics from yesterday to my laptop. We ended up going to a Best Buy by the interstate exit north of the house, and got a bigger sd card. Then we went to the Carl’s Jr. close to the house. Their menu was different than Hardee’s but at the same time similar. They didn’t have the mexican stuff the way Hardees does. I got their basic burger combo. The fries tasted similar to Hardees, though not as thick. The burger tasted like Hardees. Dad just got onion rings.

He went to the house to pick up some things for me, and took me to the zip line parking lot, the same lot we parked in for Seven Falls. I borrowed some sunscreen from some people and checked it at the booth. There were 2 couples on the trip, so 5 of us total, with 2 guides. Once I got the hang of it again, it was easy. I did the combo course, their most expensive one. We did all of the woods course, and the best 3 of the more adventurous fins course (skipping the starter baby first 2). The first zip line we did in the woods course was wimpy but it got better. We stayed in the woods above mountains. We started in private Broadmoor property, and gradually went into the Seven Falls public area.  The 2nd longest zip line I was looking over Midnight Falls that I hiked to yesterday. Was going fast but then the wind started turning me sideways and I wasnt able to correct it. I stopped short and had to go by hand a little ways, no big deal.  Later we were at one of the overlook stops to Inspiration Point. We got off the platform and hiked that last part of the trail to the point, where we got on another platform. On the Fins course we walked on 2 bridges to get to get to one of the platforms. They explained that the platform didn’t go all the way to the bottom and was actually held in by steel screwed into the rock.  Other people were scared on the bridges and various things but I wasn’t. At one point we sat down on the rocks and let our feet dangle over the edge.  We were over the rocks in the Seven Falls area after the shuttle ride, before the falls, on that road.  We crossed the road a couple times.  I liked both guides pretty well. Since I was the one with no fear, I went first on the repel. Apparently Seven Falls admission is included in the ziplining cost. I went to the rock store at the top of some stairs that we didn’t get to go to the other day due to the rain. It was pretty cool. I definitely did more hiking in the zip lining thing than I’d planned on after the incline, but it was fine. After seeing the rock store, and Seven Falls from a different view, I took the “tram” and shuttle back to the parking lot where Dad was.

When Dad picked me up after the zipline, we went to Manitou Springs for me to pick out an Incline souvenir shirt. I got it from a place that made the shirts themselves and printed the picture/words on there, which idk if I’ve ever had a shirt like that before. It was pretty cool.

Once I got home we had leftovers in the fridge. My parents got me a raspberry mousse/cake while I was ziplining that said, “Incline? No problem!”. Had some white wine, and all of it was celebratory.

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