Colorado Saturday 10 Jun 2017

Packing day. But first, Jenni, Derek, Teagan and Eleanor went to the Garden of the Gods for some last-minute recreation and gift-buying. Richard and Linda worked on packing at the house.

When the Garden of the Gods group returned, it was a real packing frenzy interrupted occasionally with dessert breaks to finish up Teagan’s celebratory Incline mousse cake from the night before.

The full group convened on the upper deck for attempts at a family picture with a backdrop of the Front Range/Pikes Peak around 12:15pm. The harsh noon Colorado sun with fill-flash produced mixed results.

Teagan and Richard took off to visit the Air Force Academy while the rest finished packing. Teagan and Richard watched the 21-minute movie about a year in the life of a cadet at the Visitor Center before proceeding to the Cadet Chapel. The Chapel is essentially an A-frame building festooned with number of tetrahedra (as explained in the Visitor Center) to produce an amazing architectural wonder.

The full group reconvened at Bagel Deli in Denver to relive the excellent visit from last Saturday. Matza ball soups, chicken noodle soups, latkes, knishes, kishkes, and breakfast burgers were flying.

After the meal, everyone headed to the airport. Derek, Jenni, Teagan and Eleanor were dropped off at the airport while Linda and Richard returned the rental cars. The Lexington group had a flight 15 minutes earlier than the Nashville group, so they proceeded to TSA first. They hit a few snags and ended up barely making their flight. Things went more smoothly for the Nashville group, but we all returned home safely.

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