Timberland Park

I stopped of at Timberland Park on my way to the grocery store.  Of course, it’s nowhere near being on the way to the grocery store, but that’s my rationalization.  The temp was about 50° and it was windy.

What I saw of note:

  • much of the cutleaf toothwort was on the wane, but still many flowers
  • Virginia Spring Beauty still in flower.
  • rue anemone still in flower, but fewer than previous weeks
  • Jacob’s ladder just starting to bloom.  Among about 50 plants I saw scattered throughout the lower elevations, I noticed 3 flowers just opening.
  • Allegheny spurge (Pachysandra procumbens) leaves in several locations.  I saw about 10 flower spikes.
  • I didn’t see the pennywort I found a few weeks ago, so I assume its finished
  • Dutchmen’s Breeches, leaves but no flowers.
  • Trout Lily.  I saw one in bloom.  Unfortunately, I had decided not to go to the location along the dry creek where I have seen them in the past, thinking that they wouldn’t be blooming yet.  But then as I was hiking out of the hollow, I saw one in bloom at a higher elevation than I have seen them before at this park.
  • Yellow Corydalis blooming in large numbers
  • Lots of violets, mostly Common Blue Violets, I think.
  • Saw new leaves, but no flowers, from what is likely Purple Phacelia, and Giant Waterleaf.