3 June 2008

After breakfast, Richard, Derek and Teagan began a game of pinochle.  After a few hands, they took a break and Linda and Teagan headed to the beach to go out in the water on rafts.  Richard stayed behind to cook a rice dish for lunch.

After the cooking was finished, Richard joined Linda and Teagan at the beach and they walked down to Cemetery Beach.  They got in the water and swam out to some coral.  There were lots of sergeant majors, grunts, and blue tangs in the water that were swimming up expecting food.  Linda had some fish food with her and she began to feed the fish.  A frenzy ensued.  The fish became somewhat annoying, so Linda passed the food on to Richard.  He fed the fish as well. Richard soon tired of the aggressive fish, so he passed the food back to Linda, who finished it off.

Teagan was having difficulty with her mask leaking.  After about an hour of putting up with the leak, she decided to head in.  Linda and Richard followed.

We all walked back to the condo.  Richard, Derek, and Teagan finished their pinochle game.  Derek won by a wide margin.

Meanwhile, Linda had stayed at the beach to float in the water in a small inflatable boat.  Later, Richard, Derek, and Teagan headed to the beach to throw the frisbee.  They ended up playing in the water to cool off.

The weather was much better today.  The tropical depression that was causing a lot of the heavy overcast finally began breaking up.  We had much better light, some blue sky, and a nice sunset for a change.