Cell Phones

From what I’ve been able to gather, Italy and Greece use GSM cell phone networks, although at a different frequency than here in the US. I unlocked my Cingular Motorola V551 cell phone so that it can work on networks other than Cingular. That was a pain. It took several attempts and most of a morning. The newer Motorolas seem to be especially problematic to unlock. I purchased a SIM card on eBay that allegedly will allow me to use the phone in Italy without roaming. It will also give me a local number there.

My return to fluting

I recently returned to playing the flute after a 23 year hiatus. Its been a lot of fun trying to recover my old and long forgotten skills.

My inspiration to return to the flute came while attending the National Flute Association convention in Nashville in August 2004. Coincidentally, I had moved to the Nashville area just 2 weeks before the convention, so it was very easy to attend.

The NFA convention was great, and I decided to buy a used Miyazawa flute off ebay so I could test the waters. After a year, I was still enjoying playing, so I make the jump to a handmade Powell flute. It should suit me for the rest of my flute playing days.