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Welcome to the course home page for Dr. Hitt's Calculus III courses.  You can see general information about the course in the First-day handout.

Final Exam is Monday 8/2/99 for the night class at the usual class time and Wednesday 8/4/99 from 10:30-12:30 for the day class..

ClassMeetings Forum

This link contains a brief summary of each class.

This tool is still busted. Try again in a millenium or two..

HomeworkAssignments E-mailList

This is a list of homework assignments.

If you have e-mail, signup to join the e-mail list and broadcast your questions and comments.

Maple Worksheets Links

This is a list of links to lab assignments and other Maple worksheets.

This is a list of links for DE and Maple

QuizzesandTests Handouts

This gives a list of previous quizzes and tests.

This link has a list of handouts for the course.

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