Reuben Martin Hitt Family Photo (1911) Goss, MS

This is a photo taken at the home of Reuben Martin Hitt in Goss, MS in 1911. If you hold the cursor over an individual, their name should appear (this does not work for touchscreen devices like iPads). If you click on a face, a new page will display with information from a genealogical database.

This is a remarkably complete family photograph. Pictured are Reuben Martin Hitt and his eight children, four of their five spouses, and all fourteen grandchildren that existed at that time. There are three other extended family members and one friend. See below for a detailed list.

I am grateful to Martin Robbins, a great-great-grandson of Reuben Martin Hitt, who supplied a digital form of this photo. He had a scan made of the original which is in his dad's home in Goss.

Reuben Martin Hitt Family Photo 1911 Frank Temples Martin Hughes (Bud) Hitt Sally McNeese Hitt William Taft (Bill) Hitt Winna Folsie Hitt James Aven Hitt Reuben Martin Hitt Elizabeth Margania Robertson Joel Reuben Hitt Jessie Fern Hitt Martin Hughes (Nook) Hitt, Jr. Stanley Robbins Martin Robbins Grayson Robbins Thomas Stanfield (Dick) Hitt Mason Robbins Bruce Owen Hitt Edith Ellzey Kate Hitt Ellzey Sarah Wilmoth Bourn Lucile Wilmoth Hitt Thelma Thorne Hood Carrie Fletcher Hitt Burrel Samuel (Bill) Hood, Jr. Edgeworth Shives Hitt Hood Elizabeth Jane (Tack) Hitt Alice Irene Hitt Robbins Emma Elizabeth Hitt Ida Morris Hitt James Washington (Boss) Hitt Thomas Calvin Robbins

Here is a list of those pictured that might help sort out who's who.