Joel R. Hitt and Elizabeth M. Robertson Family

May 1939

Hitt Family
Back Row: Thomas Stanfield Hitt holding Thomas Hitt, Bruce Hitt, Jack Hollingsworth, Lucile Hitt Hollingsworth, William Priester holding Jan Priester
Middle Row: Floyd Sigrest Hitt, Evelyn Eddleman Hitt, Joel R. Hitt Jr., Dorothy Maxwell Hitt, Virginia Rogers Hitt, Carolyne Hitt Priester, James Hitt, Joel Hollingsworth
Bottom Row: Flora Hitt Taylor holding Rebecca Taylor, Patricia Taylor, James Taylor, Joel R. Hitt, Elizabeth Robertson Hitt, Mary Katheryne Hitt

This picture was taken at the home of Joel Hitt and Elizabeth Robertson Hitt at 102 East Street in Clinton, MS. The front porch and shutters are distinctive. This house faced due west, so from the shadows of the porch cast onto the house, I estimate that the photo was taken early to mid-afternoon in the fall or spring. I'm not sure what occassion would have gathered all seven children and all five (at that time) grandchildren together in such nice clothes.