The Hitts of Mississippi and related families

Austin Hitt + Rebecca Hall

8 children
James H Hitt
Birth: about 1834 22 1Sumter County, AL, USA
Death: about 1867Sumter County, AL, USA
Penelope Hitt
Birth: September 12, 1843 32 10Sumter County, AL, USA
Death: June 11, 1896Sumter County, AL, USA
Rebecca Hitt
Birth: November 8, 1848 37 15Sumter County, AL, USA
Death: February 19, 1874Sumter County, AL, USA
Henrietta Hitt
Birth: June 13, 1851 40 18Sumter County, AL, USA
Death: October 20, 1916Sumter County, AL, USA

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book"Cemeteries of Sumter County"

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