The Hitts of Mississippi and related families (draft)


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Anna Dawson Turpin
August 25, 1854164Pike County, MO, USA0
Antoinette Jane Turpin
April 1, 1866153Pike County, MO, USA0September 11, 19328666Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO, USA
Ben Turpin
about 1859160Missouri0
Breckenridge Turpin
about 1832187VA, USA0
Callowhill Minic Turpin
Calohill Turpin
August 18, 1818200Bedford, Bedford, Virginia, USA14February 14, 188213763Pike County, MO, USA
Callowhill Minic Turpin
Calohill Turpin
August 18, 1818Bedford, Bedford, Virginia, USA14February 14, 188263Pike County, MO, USA
Caswell Turpin
March 4, 1828191VA, USA0January 24, 185916030
Charles Minic Turpin
December 2, 1872146Pike County, MO, USA0
Cleopatra Patty Turpin
about 1830189VA, USA0
Edwin Madison Turpin
1811208Rockbridge County, VA, USA0
Elizabeth Turpin
November 11, 1777241Bedford, Virginia, USA0October 1, 186215684Franklin County, MO, USA
Elnora Elizabeth Turpin
February 12, 1856163MO, USA0September 1, 19467290Ashland, Clark, Kansas, USA
Frances Burton Turpin
about 1834185VA, USA0
Sarah Frances Turpin
Francis Turpin
June 26, 1863155Pike County, MO, USA0
Francis Marion Turpin
March 16, 1870149Spencerburg, Pike County, MO, USA4October 19, 19328662Sandpoint, Bonner County, ID, USA
H James Turpin
about 1909
about 1909
110ID, USA
Idaho, USA
0about 1939
about 1939
8030Sandpoint, Bonner County, ID, USA
Sandpoint, Bonner County, ID, USA
Inez Wix Turpin
Iniz Turpin
July 18, 1868150Pike County, MO, USA0
Inez Wix Turpin
Iniz Turpin
July 18, 1868Pike County, MO, USA0
James Henry Turpin
February 7, 1858161Pike County, MO, USA0
John Turpin
January 4, 1794225Bedford, Virginia, USA0February 17, 188413590
Josiah Turpin
1784235Bedford, Bedford, Virginia, USA8December 5, 184217658Rockbridge County, VA, USA
Mary Turpin
about 1871148Missouri0
Mary Courtney Turpin
May 16, 1860158Springfield, Greene County, MO, USA0February 16, 189612335Elkins, Washington County, AR, USA
Milly Alice Turpin
1800219Bedford, Virginia, USA0
Nate Turpin
about 1857162Missouri0
Nettie Turpin
about 1867152Missouri0
Patrick Richard Turpin
March 17, 1917102Sandpoint, Bonner County, ID, USA8May 15, 19655348Mobile, Mobile County, AL, USA
Philip G Turpin
1787232Bedford, Virginia, USA0November 2, 188113794Chesterfield, Virginia, USA
Richard Lafayette Turpin
about 1820199Rockbridge County, VA, USA0
Roland Green Turpin
1790229Bedford, Virginia, USA0188513495
Sarah Frances Turpin
Francis Turpin
June 26, 1863Pike County, MO, USA0
Sterling Price Turpin
September 25, 1861157Pike County, MO, USA0
Thomas Turpin
1747272Chesterfield, Virginia, USA8182619379Bedford, Bedford, Virginia, USA
Thomas Turpin
October 1, 1788230Bedford, Virginia, USA0
Vincent Turpin
October 29, 1797221Bedford, Virginia, USA0
William Burton Turpin
April 17, 1815204Rockbridge County, VA, USA0August 31, 191010895Cyrene, Pike County, MO, USA