The Hitts of Mississippi and related families

Sally McNeeseAge: 90 years18821972

Sally McNeese
Birth 1882

Birth of a son
Martin Hughes “Moody” Hitt
1908 (Age 26 years)

Birth of a son
William Taft Hitt
November 1, 1909 (Age 27 years)
Birth of a son
James Otis Hitt
May 26, 1918 (Age 36 years)

Death of a sonMartin Hughes “Moody” Hitt
1960 (Age 78 years)

Death of a sonJames Otis Hitt
December 6, 1964 (Age 82 years)

Cause: car wreck
Death of a husbandMartin Hughes “Bud” Hitt
1966 (Age 84 years)



Death February 3, 1972 (Age 90 years)

Cemetery: Old Bunker Hill Cemetery
BurialMartin Hughes Hitt and Sallie McNeeseMartin Hughes Hitt and Sallie McNeese
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