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Louis Grey Hood Jr.Age: 23 years19181942

Louis Grey Hood Jr.
Birth November 30, 1918 30

Birth of a sisterElizabeth Byrle Hood
October 13, 1920 (Age 22 months)
Death of a maternal grandfatherReuben Martin Hitt
September 13, 1932 (Age 13 years)
pilot in WWIIyes

Death January 30, 1942 (Age 23 years)
Cause of death: injuries suffered in a plane crash during a training flight in a BT-9 near Randolph Air Force Base
Note: From the official accident report:
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Louis Grey Hood Jr.
Birth: November 30, 1918 30
Death: January 30, 1942Randolph Air Force Base, Guadalupe County, TX, USA
22 months
younger sister


From the official accident report:

"It is the opinion of the Committee that this student pilot was practicing elementary 8's at a low altitude, with a strong gusty wind condition. It is believed that the pilot instructor allowed the student to make a steep climbing turn down wind a nd the airplane reached a stalling position without his applying corrective action. After stalling, the airplane fell of and struck the ground, with the resultant damage to the airplane, and injury to personnel."

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