The Hitts of Mississippi and related families

Edna Orene EverettAge: 81 years19041986

Edna Orene Everett
Birth July 26, 1904
MarriageRichard Aaron “Dick” EddlemanView this family
April 27, 1947 (Age 42 years)
Death of a husbandRichard Aaron “Dick” Eddleman
December 9, 1977 (Age 73 years)
had a stroke January 3, 1986 (Age 81 years)

Death January 16, 1986 (Age 81 years)

Cause of death: stroke
Cemetery: Clinton Cemetery
Family with Richard Aaron “Dick” Eddleman - View this family
Marriage: April 27, 1947Hickory, Newton County, MS, USA
Richard Aaron “Dick” Eddleman + Flossie Nora Lucille Power - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: July 6, 1908McCool, Attala County, MS, USA
3 years
R.A. Eddleman and Flossie Power FamilyHenry Leo Eddleman
Birth: April 3, 1911 25 20Morgantown, Marion County, MS, USA
Death: July 28, 1995Louisville, Jefferson County, KY, USA
23 months
4 years
Evelyn Quinn EddlemanEvelyn Quinn Eddleman
Birth: February 5, 1917 31 26Shelby, Bolivar County, MS, USA
Death: January 28, 2002Mobile, Mobile County, AL, USA
Richard Aaron “Dick” Eddleman + Jessie M. Cason - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: May 11, 1937Port Gibson, Claiborne County, MS, USA

BurialEdna Orene EVERETT grave markerEdna Orene EVERETT grave marker
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