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Peter EddlemanAge: 79 years17161795

Peter Eddleman
Birth 1716
MarriageCatharina GehrigView this family
1751 (Age 35 years)
Birth of a son
Peter Eddleman Jr.
1760 (Age 44 years)
Birth of a daughter
Catharina Elizabeth Eddleman
May 13, 1761 (Age 45 years)
Marriage of a childPeter Eddleman Jr.Catherine EarryView this family
January 31, 1787 (Age 71 years)

Henry Leo Eddleman

Marriage of a childJohn EddlemanKitty BlissView this family
1789 (Age 73 years)


Henry Leo Eddleman

Death of a sonJohn Eddleman
March 26, 1791 (Age 75 years)

Marriage of a childPeter Eddleman Jr.Elizabeth CruseView this family
1792 (Age 76 years)

(From notes of Henry Leo Eddleman)

Peter Eddleman, Sr. born 1716, County of Erbach, Germany, now in
Province of Hess; came to America on ship "Albany" in 1749; documentary
evidence shows he owned land in Bucks County (which became Northampton
County, today Lehigh County), Pennsylvania; later moved to Rowan County,
North Carolina, where he owned land across fom Organ Church; he was a
planter; died at age 79, 1795 Feb 4, funeral conducted by Rev. Storch,
Pastor at Organ Lutheran Church from Hebrews 13:14, buried in Organ
Church yard.

He married Catherina Gehrig in 1751 in Upper Milford, Northampton
County, PA, Luthern Church records; signed legal documents pertaining to
ownership of land; thought to have three grown childern: Catharina
Elizabeth, born 1761 May 13 in PA; Peter, Jr, who married Catherine
arry in 1787; John, who married Kitty Bliss in 1789; died 1791 Mar 26,
buried in Organ Church yard, Rev. Storch recorded the funeral. This in
Rowan County, NC.

Peter Eddleman, Jr., born 1760/65 in Northampton County (now Lehigh)
PA, son of the above couple; church and land records show that in
1768 his family with some other 20 German families migrated in covered
wagons from Northampton County, Pennsylvania to Rowan County, NC;
on 1775 November 12 Organ Church records show that Peter, Jr., and
his sister Cathariana Elizabeth were confirmed; 1790 NC census show him
in Rowan County, NC with 4 males under 16 and 2 females; died before 1826,
buried in Rowan County, NC.

Death February 4, 1795 (Age 79 years)
Family with Catharina Gehrig - View this family
Marriage: 1751Upper Milford, Northampton (now Lehigh) County, PA, USA
10 years
16 months